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Dr. McKay’s vibrant energy is what most people notice first.


Dr. Deb Mckay, ND

Dr. Deb Mckay, ND

“It’s not a character flaw, it’s a hormone imbalance!” is an explanation for everything from inexplicable weight gain and sleeplessness, to PMS, loss of ambition, poor digestion, and brain fog. Every body system runs on hormones, and in turn, each body system gives out hormones to help regulate the rest of this collective that we call “me.”

Looking at just one hormone in isolation is nonsense; hence the name of the clinic, Hormones and HOLISTIC Healthcare.

“Hormones” are much more than female, male, and reproductive issues. Sex hormones are indeed important! But in addition, other hormones set our metabolic speed (body temperature), our moods and cognitive set-points, and perhaps most prominently in America today, our blood glucose regulation.

Check out this all-American list: diabetes, obesity, the “blood sugar roller coaster,” pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), Syndrome X, diabesity, hanger, overwhelming cravings, muffin-tops and beer-bellies, disturbed sleep, feelings of craziness, inexplicable stress and panic seemingly coming from nowhere — all of these and more are usually linked to poor regulation of blood glucose.

Well respected, experienced naturopathic endocrinologist Dr. McKay is a founding member of EndoANP, the professional association of ND’s who practice hormones (endocrinology) full time. The contrast between the MD (Mainstream Doctors) approach to endocrinology, as compared with Dr. McKay’s naturopathic, holistic approach is like night and day. For starters, LISTENING carefully to patients is Dr. McKay’s non-negotiable foundation; and then, laboratory testing must be viewed with an eye to “optimal” values rather than unhealthy population levels, a.k.a. mainstream lab “reference” ranges. Dr. McKay takes pride in being a lab geek, while at the same time honoring each individual’s experience and desires.

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