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Dr. Jenna Jorgensen, ND – Bellingham, WA

Dr. Jenna Jorgensen, ND

Dr. Jenna Jorgensen, ND

You’re probably here because you are looking for a fresh, sustainable approach to your health. 

You may be struggling with symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, or chronic disease and you are ready to restore your health and feel like yourself again.

You’re tired of your symptoms controlling your life, holding you back, and limiting your adventures.

You’re ready to heal the underlying cause of your symptoms to get rid of them for good and you’re committed to making positive changes in your life to achieve this goal.

Let me tell you, you are in the right place. My name is Dr. Jenna Jorgensen and I am a naturopathic physician practicing in Bellingham, WA. I specialize in helping folks discover and heal the root of their symptoms and dis-ease.

I firmly believe the the body is always giving us hints and signs to the areas that are struggling or out of balance.  If we pay attention to these signs we can fast-track our way to the answer of what is at the root of symptoms or dis-ease. This is what I do every day in my practice through detailed questioning, laboratory investigation, physical exam, and compassionate listening.

Often, what I find is that the deep, underlying cause of MOST symptoms and disease consists of one or more of the following:

  1. Poor foundations of health [food, water, sleep, movement]
  2. High stress levels and the need for compassionate mental/emotional support
  3. Inflammation and irritation in the gut.
  4. Toxin Overload and the need to detox.
  5. Structural restrictions within the body that prevent proper organ, muscle, bone, or joint function and reduce flow of important fluids that carry nutrients to our cells and waste out of our bodies.
  6. Chronic low-grade infections [viral, fungal, bacterial] that are draining or over-activating the immune system.

Many of these are causes that are not commonly investigated which I believe is why so many people continue to struggle with their health.  If you are ready to start taking your health into your own hands and to find the root of your symptoms or dis-ease, reach out, let’s have a chat.



I am an out-of-network provider with all health insurances. This means that your visit fee is due at the the time of service and then I provide you with a superbill that has the insurance codes for your visit. You can submit this superbill to your insurance for potential reimbursement and application to your out-of-network deductible and out-of-pocket costs.

I do not bill your insurance directly and payment is due at the time of service.

Depending on your insurance plan, laboratory tests ordered by me can be covered. I work with labs that will bill your insurance directly and can talk with you ahead of time to discuss your best option for lab test coverage. Most folks with regular insurance (not medicaid or medicare) get good coverage for labs ordered.

I can charge an HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account) for your visits. Supplements are often not eligible expenses for these accounts but check with your plan.

Yes! I enjoy working with children and have experience working with all ages. I offer annual well child exams, pediatric craniosacral and visceral manipulation (bodywork), as well as condition specific treatment. I do recommend that you have a separate primary care physician in place for your children that I can collaborate with, as I do not carry an on-call phone and my office is not equip for all pediatric situations.

I do offer all the essential primary care services such as annual exams, gynecological exams, physical exams, and limited acute care. I started my medical career with 2 years in a very busy naturopathic primary care residency at Emerald City Naturopathic Clinic under the direction of Dr. Molly Niedermeyer, ND, LM.

During my time there, I gained experience working with women, men, and children in preventative healthcare, acute illness treatment, as well as disease and chronic disease treatments. I also gained experience doing adjunctive (supportive) naturopathic pregnancy care assisting women with gestational diabetes, hypothyroidism, miscarriage prevention, prenatal nutrition and supplement support, and prenatal therapeutic bodywork.

Yes and no. I am a Washington state licensed naturopathic physician so I can not legally give medical advice to someone over the phone or through a video consult, whom I have not examined in person in the state which I am licensed. This means that in order to be my patient you must establish care in person at my beautiful office in Bellingham, WA. If traveling to see me is not a current option, you can still benefit through one of my educational programs! Want to learn about a naturopathic approach to your medical and health concerns? Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with me to see how I can help!

The root of the word doctor is docere which means "to teach." I take this meaning seriously and I love providing educational experiences! Past speaking engagements include:

Featured guest on two episodes of Ashley James' podcast Learn True Health.
Listen to the episodes here: How to Make a Natural First Aid Kit | Eat Good Fat for Better Health
Featured guest on Keto Chat with ketogenic nutritionist Carol Freeman: Watch here
Elementary school guest speaker at the OCS Charter School in Lodi, WI.
Topics that work well for group presentations:

Essentials to health: actions everyone can take to be healthier in their day to day life
Introduction to detox: How does detox work and how to get started
What to eat to be healthy: how to navigate the grocery store
Environmental medicine basics: how to reduce toxin exposure in your life
Health and productivity: workplace wellness

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