Whole Systems Healthcare Seattle Clinic

Individualized Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine

Whole Systems Healthcare takes a holistic approach to personalized clinical care. We utilize modern medical science and technology while embracing complementary modalities that address more nuanced health care needs and maximize your treatment options. We understand that every patient is unique – while one person may derive health benefits from a certain environment, treatment, situation, food, or exercise, another person may find these same influences neutral, or even harmful. We are committed to helping you reach your health goals by offering personalized health care tailored to your unique biology and worldview.

The Whole Systems Healthcare Seattle Clinic is a member of a larger 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health-care over sick-care through developing the first integrative healthcare system. We accomplish this through our three programmatic initiatives: medical education, medical research, and clinical care. We develop evidence-based models that integrate systems science, medical and healing disciplines, and public health in our focus on restoring health and promoting long-term wellness.

Healthcare is changing rapidly. Ever increasing globalization has spurred the beginning of cross-cultural integration of medical and healing systems, or medical pluralism. In the United States, we are seeing an increased demand for healthcare oriented toward health restoration and wellness promotion. In response to this, we are developing a coherent framework for understanding the respective roles of both conventional and alternative systems of medicine and how they can work together to bring a person from overwhelming illness to a state of optimized health and wellness.

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